Looking back over the events we’ve hosted for the SKIN: Freud, Mueck, Tunick exhibition at the Ferens Art Gallery, one of the most exciting was our SKIN: DEEP event for young people one evening in June. Did you join us too?

We had a great time showcasing some amazing local emerging artists from around Hull. All the artists were challenged to develop art which responded the exhibition through sound, movement or visual art. We had so much fun selecting the artworks, designing the event, marketing the day and inviting everyone along.

But we don’t want to stop there…we wanted to share with you some of our highlights and we hope they are yours too.


First off, we invited Bacary Bax from local band Bud Sugar to host our event. We wanted someone to be frontman for all the artists and we loved that Bud Sugar painted themselves in multi-coloured paint for one of their albums ala Spencer Tunick’s Sea of Hull! check out their site for their music http://www.budsugar.co.uk/

We then kick started the event with one of our faves ‘Goosebumps’ with Lottie Hanson and Martin Berger. Lottie is a dancer who creates performances using a diversity of media and we love that she is member of the first all-female dance company in Hull, LO:CUS Dance theatre. Goosebumps was a combination of wind instruments and contemporary dance from Lottie and the beautiful music of Martin Berger. Check out their work at http://bit.ly/2rMKJsA, http://bit.ly/2rMJgCJ and http://bit.ly/2smmpec#SkinDeep 

Another one of our highlights was seeing the performance of the gold painted, William Vinegrad, who is part of a collective called ‘GROUND’. His practice focuses on the interesting relationship between humans and plants, particularly those commonly labelled as weeds. William wants us to take a second look at these ugly and unwanted subjects, so he can reveal their hidden beauty. Using photography, performance, his amazing voice and illumination, William was really captivating! Check him out at http://bit.ly/2rMZnQS

Next up we had a great collaboration between the sound of Stephen Unsworth and James Rushworth and the visuals of the Hull College of art students. Stephen is an Electronic Music composer whose pieces specialise in Ambisonic and Field Recording Compositions with electro-acoustic soundscaping. James is a Composer for media and electronics and his music takes a transformative approach to ‘found sound’. Together they layered everyday conversational sounds into a brilliantly intriguing piece.

You can sample James’ work on SoundCloud http://bit.ly/2smkIxs and Stephens work via SoundCloud http://bit.ly/2smBrRs

The Hull College students submitted some amazing visual pieces that, when projected, were captivating and dramatic. Check out a couple of faces below and see what you think…

Some of our fave photos came from the performance of revenu (Liam van Rijn) who is an experimental/electronic musician who performs as ‘revenu and ‘Palo Alto’ and is supported. It was so captivating to see him produce live music by overlaying sounds with his piano accompaniment. Check out revenu on SoundCloud http://bit.ly/2smrxiI

Our take home from the night was from Haus Of Fraser (Fraser Briggs). Installation artist, Fraser Briggs, is engaged in an ongoing interactive art project, ‘Haus Of Fraser’, where he critiques contemporary society. In other words we got to scan part of our body (no rudeness though!) onto the computer and he printed it to look like advertising. Over the night he built up a collection on the advertisement leaflet stand and we got to take our ‘scan’ home at the end of the night.  Have a look at his online portfolio http://bit.ly/2smfGB8, if you want to know more. Or follow his Instagram http://bit.ly/2smdOZ9 or link with his work at https://hausoffraser.wordpress.com/

skin deep haus of fraser

We loved having artwork around the studio and so any people commented on Ashley Drowley-Wylde’s photographs. Her aim is to expose the purpose of photography by shooting people in complete darkness, along with screens between herself and the subject. Have a look at her online portfolio http://bit.ly/2rMHIJ8 or follow her page on Instagram http://bit.ly/2slR3V7 to see more…

If you were at SKIN: DEEP too we’d love to hear your highlights, leave a comment!
with thanks to Heritage Learning for making this event happen!

SKIN DEEP // Our highlights